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Balcony wall-mounted solar collector is a new generation of building components solar water heater specially designed for urban middle, high-rise buildings and villas. It compensates for the regret that the traditional solar water heater can not be separated from the building and the environment because of the congenital lack. This development truly shows the perfect separation of solar energy from the building and the environment integration.
Jinan balcony wall hanging solar energy is composed of collector, pressurized hot water storage tank, auxiliary heating system, intelligent control system and so on. Solar collector device is outdoors, water storage tank device is indoor or attic, using flat solar collector consumed by Megri solar energy, completing heat exchange between collector and water tank, and automatically starting electric energy heating in rainy and cloudy days to meet the demand. Quantitative or constant temperature water demand of users all day. It also has anti-freezing, anti-electricity, anti-explosion tube, lightning protection and other measures to ensure that the system runs reliably and operates safely. This type of water heater can save 80% energy than the traditional electric water heater. After two years of operation, the investment can be recovered from the saved electricity charges. The service life of the product reaches 15 years.
Product characteristics of solar water heater with flat panel hanging on balcony wall
1. Separation device: the collector of the hot water system is completely separated from the water tank. The collector is installed outside the balcony (or inside the balcony). The water tank is abundant in the outdoor space of the balcony, which handles the problem that the users of high-rise buildings can not install the solar hot water system, and completes the complete separation of solar energy from the building.

2. Pressure-bearing operation: water circulation system is pressure-bearing system, the outlet pressure is stable, can reach constant temperature and pressure, strong sense of scouring, make bathing more warm.


3. Energy saving of the system: the refrigerant circulation system is a natural circulation, so under the condition of sufficient sunshine, hot water for users is provided, but the whole system is zero energy consumption.
4. Photoelectric automatic complementary, dual enjoyment. Auxiliary electric heating, photoelectric automatic conversion, 24-hour supply of hot water, solar water heater and electric water heater dual enjoyment.
5. Easy to use: collector and water tank adopt natural temperature difference circulation, and forced circulation, automatic water supply, temperature arbitrarily set, not artificial control, extremely simple operation, open the valve can quickly use hot water.
6. Beautiful appearance: integration with architecture: heat collector and water tank are separated from each other, collector can be sensitively installed on roof, skylight, balcony or wall, without location restriction, to achieve a satisfactory separation from the building. The water tank is cylindrical, which meets the needs of the location of indoor devices in each household. The collector is simple in appearance, fluent in line, scientific and reasonable in material use, exquisite manufacturing, beautiful and generous, and separated from the building satisfactorily. It is the preferred choice of modern high-grade residential buildings such as high-rise buildings and jumping floors. It highlights environmental protection, fashionable style and can better show the noble taste of the owner.
7. Safe and reliable: The successful application of flat-plate heat transfer technology in products not only improves the thermal efficiency of balcony wall hanging products, but also successfully completes the requirement of integration of products and safe life of buildings, and greatly relieves the hidden dangers of traditional solar water heaters such as freezing, explosive tubes, leaking and scaling, thus making traditional solar water heaters farewell to the "uneasy" period.
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