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Recently, I heard many netizens ask me which kind of water heater is suitable for the current water heater on the market. So I sorted out some materials to discuss with you. Jinan Rinorite solar energy reminds you that the main domestic water heater products are electric water heater, gas water heater, and solar water heater. Solar water heater, electric water heater, gas water heater occupy the main market.
1. Electric water heater
Electric water heaters can be divided into three types according to their heating power: water storage type, instant heat type and fast heat type. Water storage type has high safety performance and clean energy. It can be used for multiple water supply, shower, tub, laundry and vegetable washing. The device is also simple and convenient to use. However, the general volume of the water storage type is large, the need for preheating before use, can not continue to use more than the rated capacity of water, if there are many families, bathing halfway has to wait. In addition, after washing, the unused hot water will gradually cool down, resulting in waste. High temperature of water heating, easy to scale, dirt clearance is troublesome. The instant heating type has many advantages, such as instant heating, saving time and electricity, energy saving, environmental protection, compact size and constant water temperature. However, the defect is that the power is high, the line request is high, and the ordinary power requests at least 6 KW or more. In winter, the power of 8 KW is difficult to ensure that there is enough hot water to stop bathing.
2. Gas water heater



Gas water heater mainly uses the heat generated when gas is extinguished to heat the cold water in the heat exchanger into hot water, consuming liquefied petroleum gas or natural gas to prepare hot water tools. Gas water heaters are heated rapidly, and the cost of purchasing and using them is low. Hundreds of dollars will be bought and sold. No matter what weather there is no need to wait, it can be used directly, and the volume is small, especially suitable for salaried people or friends with a large family. Gas water heater heating speed is fast, even if many people use, also do not need to wait, because gas water heater accelerates quickly, without setting water storage, so there will be no scale. The defect is that the device is more laborious, not only gas pipe, but also water pipe, electric plug, exhaust pipe, etc. It also needs gas company or after-sales staff to come to the door. Gas water heaters are not environmentally friendly and emit carbon dioxide into the air. Once used for a long time, they may also present risks of deflagration and gas leakage (only equipped with balanced water heaters in the bathroom, and strong exhaust and outdoor units can be disposed of outdoors or balconies). Starting water pressure is high, some high-rise users can not start without booster pump; (Users with insufficient water pressure can choose gas water heater with low-pressure start when purchasing).
3. Solar water heater
Everyone knows the advantages of solar water heater, which is environmentally friendly, energy-saving and safe. But there are many shortcomings. First of all, the weather has a great impact. If it is rainy and cloudy for a long time, there will be no hot water in the solar water heater. At this time, the way of electric heating is needed, which is quite complicated. The efficiency of solar water heater is low, the cost is high, and the installation of solar water heater is complex. If the installation is improper, it will affect the appearance, quality and city appearance of the house. Maintenance of solar water heater is more difficult because it is outdoors, mostly on the roof and roof, so it is difficult to maintain the solar water heater and gas water heater.
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