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At present, the number of solar energy brands on the market is increasing, but the price is much different. What kind of solar energy is used to be safe without hidden danger and longer service life? Next, we will tell you how to choose solar energy. Take a look at the interested friends.


How to pick up the solar energy: water capacity of a water heater
According to the number of population, the size of the water capacity of the solar water heater is determined. At least the capacity of the three families is more than 100L. Generally, the larger the capacity of the solar water heater, the better.
The first choice is to determine the volume of the solar water heater. Under the general shower situation, according to the volume of 40-50L / person to determine the volume of products to buy; general bathing each person needs about 35kg-50kg hot water (45 degrees Celsius). Because of the unconventional energy of solar energy, the hot water can not be produced on the day of rain, so two times the water heater of double daily water is selected to keep the hot water in the sunny days to be used in the rainy days. In case of continuous two days, optoelectronic dual purpose can be used to ensure all-weather and hot water usage throughout the year.
How to pick up the solar energy: look at the brand
At present, there are more than 5000 brands in the solar water heater industry, of which, the small family workshop type enterprises occupy the majority, which is weak in competitiveness and the average life span of the enterprise is only 1.5 years. Consumers choose the products produced by this kind of enterprises, often in a few years will become three no products, the interests of consumers can not be guaranteed. Therefore, consumers should choose large brands with higher popularity in the country. The solar water heaters produced by the big brands are not only reliable in product quality, but also provide long - term after-sales service guarantee for consumers.
How to pick up the solar energy: look at the building structure
Multi storey building: installation is not limited, vacuum tube solar panels and flat solar products can be selected. High rise and small high-rise: balcony type solar products can be selected. Villa Building: the installation of flexible and changeable, can be integrated with the building of flat solar energy, flat panel solar energy is not affected by the high-rise and special buildings, beautiful and generous.
How to pick up the solar energy: look at the pipe
Because the water heater is often placed on the roof, with a certain pressure in the house, in summer the hot water temperature is high (up to about 90 degrees C), the outdoor environment temperature is low, so the best choice of crosslinked tube or aluminum plastic composite pipe or reinforced plastic hose. It has the characteristics of pressure resistance, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, non-toxic and tasteless, small heat capacity, little heat loss, and it is not easy to freeze in winter.
How to pick up the solar energy: after service
It is best to choose well-known brands and strong dealers (long time distribution, low product quality complaint rate) of water heaters. Because solar water heaters are durable consumer goods and are usually installed on the roofs. Once a breakdown occurs, it is difficult to handle them on their own. So after-sales service must be guaranteed. At present, the warranty period for the whole machine is 3 to 5 years.
How to select solar energy: selection materials for water heater fittings
Material selection of tank skin: stainless steel is noble and luxurious, superior to other aluminum, angle iron, color steel, etc. Thick stainless steel is superior to thin stainless steel. Thermal insulation materials: polyurethane foam insulation is better than foam plastic board insulation. Structure: the whole molding is better than the separate molding.
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